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Pet Wellness Exams from Your Omaha Veterinarian

veterinarian giving a small dog a pet wellness exam at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Omaha

Pet wellness exams are one of the most important prevention services that we offer at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic. Pet exams in Omaha can help keep your pet stay healthy and can also improve your pet’s quality of life. Because wellness exams are so important, we work hard to educate pet owners about the value of wellness exams and the frequency with which pets should have wellness exams.

Benefits of Pet Wellness Exams from Your Omaha Veterinary Clinic

There are many benefits of pet wellness exams!

  • Catch medical conditions early. Your pet’s veterinarian will examine your pet thoroughly during wellness exams. This gives your pet’s veterinarian a chance to catch your pet’s medical conditions in their early stages, when they are easier to treat and cure.
  • Give pet owners a chance to ask questions. As a pet owner, you might have questions about some of your pet’s behaviors and needs. Your pet’s veterinarian in Omaha is the perfect person to answer many of these questions. Wellness exams give pet owners a chance to talk one-on-one with their pet’s Omaha veterinarian, so these questions can be answered.
  • Encourage a good relationship with veterinarian. Despite the best efforts of the veterinarian, some pets find the experience of going to the vet to be stressful. Taking your pet to the vet for regular wellness exams can help your pet become accustomed to visits with the veterinarian, thus paving the way for a good relationship between pet and Omaha veterinarian.
  • Improved quality of life for your pet. Anything that helps keep your pet healthy will improve your pet’s quality of life. Wellness exams can extend your pet’s lifespan and help your pet lead a more satisfying and enjoyable life.

What to Expect During Pet Exams in Omaha

During your pet’s wellness exam, the veterinarian will examine your pet’s coat, skin, eyes, ears and teeth. The vet will also check your pet’s breathing and heart rate, and may take samples of your pet’s feces and blood. Your pet’s vet will observe your pet’s behavior and will watch how your pet moves and acts.

During this time, your pet’s veterinarian will be looking for symptoms of chronic conditions, evidence of parasitic infections and other problems. If your pet’s vet identifies any problems, he or she will recommend next steps and further treatment.

When to Get Your Pet a Wellness Exam

Most pets should get a wellness exam on a yearly basis. This gives the veterinarian a chance to administer booster shots, perform the usual checkup and check the pet’s teeth for evidence of dental disease. Some pets need wellness exams more frequently. Older pets, pets who suffer from chronic conditions and pets who are struggling with illness may need to come in more often.

Contact Your Pet’s Veterinarian in Omaha

At All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, we help pets stay healthy and happy with wellness exams. To get your pet scheduled for a wellness exam, contact us today at 402-399-8224